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BSc, MSc & PhD Dissertations

do your dissertation with frontier!

We actively encourage BSc, Masters and PhD students to collect dissertation data while working alongside Frontier in a partnership where both sides benefit from essential research.

  • PhD: 50% discount for Frontier Group project
  • MSc: 20% discount off a Frontier Group project
  • BSc: 10% discount off a Frontier Group project

    Discount only applies to volunteers joining a project for 10 weeks or more, and does not apply to any of our Costa Rica projects.

    You could be monitoring biodiversity, mapping reefs and surveying local communities while passing your course and having a great time. The vast majority of students who do their dissertations with Frontier get one of the top two grades in their degree.

    There are also discounts for BSc and MSc students off any of the Frontier Group projects in Fiji, Tanzania, Madagascar and Cambodia:

    Download the current list of research topics

    This list is by no means exhaustive, but is designed to indicate the research Frontier supports and what is compatible with our current activities in each country.

    Note: dissertations can only be completed on projects run exclusively by Frontier - these are:

  • Fiji Marine Conservation & Diving
  • Tanzania African Wildlife Conservation Adventure
  • Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure
  • Madagascar Marine Conservation & Diving

    Background information is available to download from the Publications section.

    Once you have reviewed the topics available and decided on your ideas in consultation with your supervisor, please do not hesitate to contact education@frontiergap.com, providing a detailed description of your proposal. We will provide you with comments and feedback.

    You must then complete a formal proposal form, available for download here, this must also be signed by your supervisor; and will be signed, on approval, by Frontier's Research and Development Manager.

    To help you in the dissertation application process, an outline is available here. A formal 'Frontier Guide for University Supervisors' is available for your supervisor on request. This provides information that the university may need before agreeing your dissertation. You should aim to start the application process at least 6-9 months before you deploy to the field.

    Past titles have included:

    Stanwell-Smith D. A comparative study of fish diversity and abundance over pristine and mined back reef at Mafia Island, Tanzania. University of Wales, Swansea.

    Stubblefield LK. An assessment of Bugungu Game Reserve, Uganda with reference to its potential for rural development. University of Edinburgh.

    Furey N. An appraisal of the forest quality of Ben-En National Park, North Vietnam, following commercial logging. Silsoe College, Cranfield University.