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"I felt instantly at home in the mountain village in Peru. People were so welcoming that I felt I was part of a big family. Although I had a great time rafting and quad biking afterwards, it's my time in the village that I'll always remember."

Heir to ancient cultures and a rich colonial tradition, Peru is a magical spot which hosts one of the richest biodiversities and most varied landscapes on Earth, and is a melting pot of different cultures creating a vibrant and colourful society. Peru is home to the magnificent ruins of the once-mighty Inca Empire, the fabled mountains of the movie Touching the Void, the most arid desert on earth, and some of the world's best beaches and surf. Modern Peruvians are welcoming and friendly and you'll have no trouble feeling at home in Peru's exciting cities, where magnificent colonial buildings, bustling markets, outdoor cafes on tree-lined streets, and colourful discos combine to create a traveller's paradise.

Peru, Teaching Abroad & TEFL

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Peru Teaching

Work with local street children and develop exciting new ideas, skills and techniques. Explore the vast and mysterious depths of this remote culture, and discover the real Peru.
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  • Prices: from $995
  • Region: The Americas
  • Activity: TEFL
  • Duration: 2 weeks +
  • Project code: PRT

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