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Frontier Costa Rica on Air!

News item submitted by Flora O'Brien
News item dated 16 Dec 2010


As the final phase for 2010 came to end, Eoin Sheridan, the Principal Investigator of our Frontier Costa Rica project, graced international airwaves with a 50 minute interview on LA Talk Radio with the show’s host, “Jana of the Jungle”.  If you listen to the interview (available at, you can hear Eoin talking about the recent research which the team have been doing on the Osa Peninsula, including the turtle monitoring and the re-vegetation work.  He also discusses the new community development project which will officially start in January of next year. 

In terms of future research in Costa Rica, there are prospects of a new research site being established in the nearby forests of La Tarde. On a recent observation trip to the site, the team were lucky enough to come across the rare and endangered Neotropical River otter (Lontra longicaudis). The new site also offers opportunities to perform leaf litter amphibian surveys, which would be interesting to be done in comparison to the results from the amphibian surveys which have already been done in the Osa region. In the long term, this research will investigate the relationship between climate change and the amphibian biodiversity, as they are highly sensitive to temperature increases.


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