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Manta on the move

News item submitted by Alex Baker
News item dated 23 Dec 2010


Manta Camp, Frontier Madagascar’s base of operations, is on the move. Since 2005, Frontier has been based in Antsiranana Bay, situated in the Northern tip of the island, but now the team is making a fresh start on the island of Nosy Be, about 8 km off the North West Coast of Madagascar. Part of phase 104 has been spent completing the move and constructing the new camp, which is located within the Lokobe Protected Area, and about thirty minutes by boat from Nosy Be’s capital Hell-Ville. The team have also found time to conduct a series of reconnaissance dives within the local area, in order to begin planning the research programme for 2011.

The 120 km2 island of Nosy Be is home to many unique species, including the tiny frog, Stumpffia pygmaea, and Brookesia minima, the smallest known species of chameleon in the world. In recent years, Nosy Be has also seen growth in its tourist industry, putting pressure on many of the island’s delicate habitats and marine ecosystems. This makes Frontier’s coral reef survey work increasingly important if a sustainable balance is to be found between preservation of the reef ecosystems and their continued use in supporting community livelihoods.

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