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Coral Recruitment and Recovery in Tanzania

News item submitted by Frontier
News item dated 5 Feb 2010


Following the recent move of the Tanzania Marine team back within the Mafia Island Marine Park, the research team have begun a new research project which aims to investigate coral recruitment and recovery at a fine scale, including species specific resilience and recovery. This exciting project will analyse and compare the ability of different coral types to survive and recover within the Marine Park. Through combining GIS satellite images and baseline surveying, the team is hoping to develop a patch mosaic of the different habitats and ecosystems within the park, providing a useful tool for the parks’ continued protection. 

This project will form part of an exciting new research direction which will compare the health status of the reefs both within and outside the zones of protection. Over the next two years the team will be focusing on determining the abundance and assemblages of reef fish, invertebrates and benthic coral composition to examine the effectiveness of current management strategies.

This marks a very exciting time for Frontier Tanzania Marine, the new camp is looking great and the diving within the marine park is world class, with some incredible underwater topography. World renowned as a critical area of biodiversity, the marine park is home to pristine coral reefs, exciting deep channels full of huge shoals of Barracuda, a bewildering array of reef fish, many species of sea turtle, rare huge giant groupers (up to 300kg in weight!), and also provides a refuge for many large pelagic fish. With the benefit of being immersed in a friendly village, and with new internship programmes for local villagers and our reef conservation workshops aimed at primary school children, there has never been a better time to experience the beauty and welcome of Mafia Island as a Research Assistant!

Trevor Worsey and Priscilla Corbett

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