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News item submitted by Frontier
News item dated 18 May 2009


Nearly all the May volunteers on Frontier Supported Projects are now at their project sites and settling into their new way of life. This week we have heard from volunteers across the globe, from countries as diverse as Peru, China and Ghana. 

In the Cook Islands our volunteers are currently working with a small friendly local school that usually has only 3 or 4 full-time teachers. We’ve heard from the volunteers that they are having a really good time out there, the teachers they are working with have been really supportive and brilliant and the teaching is lots of fun!

In Mongolia our volunteers have been having a great time rising to the challenges such as getting to grips with the local language and are particularly enjoying spending time with their host families.

In Thailand our animal rescue centre volunteers say they have settled in nicely and everyone is really welcoming and friendly. Although it is incredibly hot, the projects are very enjoyable and they are having a fine time working with the animals!

In Namibia we’ve heard from one of our volunteers working on the wildlife orphanage project who says she is absolutely loving it and has been busy playing with baby cheetahs!

Finally in India our volunteers are “settled in and feeling great” at the East India Orphanage where they are helping to improve the future prospects of the orphans through teaching English as well as other skills and health awareness.

With the May group out in the field really making a difference and having the most amazing experiences, the June group almost set to go and July swiftly filling up, it’s enough to make you wonder why you’re still here in the UK!

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