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Hurrah for the nosy in Nosy Hara

News item submitted by Frontier
News item dated 1 May 2009


In March, two teams from our Madagascar Marine Research Programme conducted a satellite camp expedition in the Nosy Hara Special Reserve, located at the northwest tip of the country. Joined by members of Madagascar National Parks, they conducted important marine surveys on the coral reefs surrounding four small tropical islands and nearby mangroves. Nosy Hara has recently been designated a protected area, so it is important to assess its health and ensure that the correct management regimes can be put into place. 

Madagascar's coral reefs have suffered from overfishing and destruction in recent years. Happily, the teams found the Nosy Hara reefs to be in a healthy condition. Over two days, they identified no less than 121 different tropical fish species and a great diversity of coral. Following this work, the local authorities have invited the team, led by marine research officer Josie Pegg, back to the islands to carry out more in depth work. The satellite camp has provided an insight of the Nosy Hara area, highlighting the need to protect its high biodiversity and scientific interest for future work. Future expeditions will enable us to fully survey these incredible locations, and provide Madagascar National Parks with improved recommendations for their conservation.

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