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Fish on the menu again!

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Frontier have now been based back within the Mafia Island Marine Park for over six months, and the data collected so far suggests that the marine protected area is having a positive affect on the local environment, in particular the Coral Reefs and the Reef fish.

Mafia Island is a premier fishing ground and attracts fisherman from all over Tanzania, however the multi-use marine park only allows fishing in certain areas and only if you have a permit. It was hoped when the marine park was set up that an abundance of fish within the perimeters of the park would cause overspill which would also benefit fishermen without the permit.

Frontier are now collecting data on commercially used fish both within the park and on the outskirts to determine the extent to which fishermen are benefiting from the conservation measures in place.

Some of the commercial fish are common names to us like the tuna fish while others are more exotic fish; these include the triggerfish and the parrotfish along with a variety of shark and ray species.