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New Species Discovered

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Wednesday 1st April 2009

New Species Discovered
A look at some of the amazing new species Frontier has discovered. Over the years, Frontier has discovered many new and exotic species. Today, we'd like to share some of the more 'out of this world' discoveries with you so you can see the kind of creatures Frontier volunteers encounter on their gap year. If you've discovered any interesting creatures yourself, either on a gap year or just in your own back garden then email us with a description and a photo or drawing if you have one to . We'll post the most interesting finds on our blog and tweet about it to keep everyone updated!

Three new bovine species: Ruffalo, Cowbra and Arctic Cow

The ruffalo primarily lives in small groups, but comes together in large congregations at times when the fruits of the merula tree have ripened and fermented in the strong tropical heat of the Tanzania grassland homes.

Dayglo Spider

A remote windy valley, deep in the Himalayas, has yielded an enlightening discovery which could revolutionise green technologies: a glowing spider.


A team of Frontier scientists discovered highly modified plants, believed to be a genetic cross between triffids and leeks, being raised amongst the hills. The carnivorous plants, known as dyffids, are thought to have been trained to hunt ethnic Englishmen.

Hotdog Jumping Frog

New Mexico might not be the most likely scene of biological breakthroughs, but in the arid deserts outside Albuquerque, a group of biologists are leaping for joy over the discovery of a new species of jumping frog.

Hummingbird of Death

While most hummingbirds are highly adapted to sip the nectar from tropical flowers, one newly discovered species has reverted to an altogether more primitive lifestyle. The death hummingbird, also called Eupherusa euthanasia, astounded scientists who recently discovered it in the remote cloud forests of Nicaragua.

Magenta Mamba

A haul of new reptile species has delighted scientists working in the Alliteration Mountains of Southern Tanzania. The researchers discovered two species of snake new to science and religion. The new species include a purple-coloured mamba and a vegetarian python.

Shrieking Eel

Deep in the unexplored flooded forests of Guyana, scientists from the UK conservation group Frontier have made an astounding discovery. Thirty-six years after they were first hypothesised to exist by author and biological impresario, S. Morgenstern, the group have uncovered a population of shrieking eels.

Wailing Gibbon

The population is thought to be a new subspecies of lar gibbon, provisionally known as Hylobates lar soulsinga. Not only have the enterprising primates learnt the rudiments of tonality, cadence and harmonies; they’ve even started to dance

Vegan Shark and Venomous Ladybird

Very little is known about these elusive creatures. If you've got any information on their habitat or behaviour, we'd love you to let us know by emailing!