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Conserving a Corridor for African Mammals

News item submitted by Frontier
News item dated 22 Dec 2008


Frontier staff are acting to save an important migration route for African mammals. Our long term studies in the Kilombero Valley, an internationally important wetland, have highlighted changes in migration routes between the Selous Game Reserve and the Kilombero floodplain. It is thought that increasing human activity in the valley is to blame. 

More and more land is being used across this vital migration route stopping large mammals, such as elephant and buffalo, from moving from the Udzungwa Mountains in the north to Selous in the southeast. With little understanding on how the mammals are now relocating it is hoped a UK Government grant will fund an expansion of the Tanzania Savanna project to conserve the Ruipa wildlife corridor.

Protecting one of the only two remaining corridors would be an enormous achievement for Frontier, allowing the project to continue its work studying the mammals' migration.

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