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Coral Proposal

News item submitted by Jyot Jabbal
News item dated 22 Sep 2010



Our Marine Dream Team in Madagascar is gearing up for coral propagation trials! This project will involve the artificial cultivation of coral from carefully extracted fragments, and may assist in the recovery of depleted coral reefs in the bay of Antsiranana.

Coral reefs are threatened by declining water quality, sedimentation (from coastal and inland construction) and overfishing, which brings about imbalances in the aquatic food chains. Climate change is another concern, and coral bleaching and death has been known to occur with only a single degree rise in sea temperature.

The coral propagation process itself is a secondary measure, with the primary goal of preservation of the existing environment. The state of the natural coral reefs in the bay area depends largely on maintaining the ecological balance of the environment, as well as managing the human activity around it.

Jyot Jabbal


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