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Frontier wins PADI Environmental Award 2007!

News item submitted by Frontier
News item dated 8 Feb 2008


The Society for Environmental Exploration (SEE)/Frontier is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the PADI Project Aware Environmental Achievement Award for 2007. The Award recognises Frontier's "commitment to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action", and was granted as a result of Frontier's continuing successful marine research and development projects.

Dr Drew Richardson, Chairman of Project AWARE Foundation, stated that "The Environmental Achievement Award is about rewarding vision, excellence and pursuit of conservation. More importantly, this award ensures the enjoyment of underwater environments for future generations".

In response to the accreditation by Project Aware, Nisha Owen, Research and Development Manager at Frontier, says "This award recognises our exceptional commitment to the marine environment, through both the environmental education of local peoples and ongoing research and conservation of marine ecosystems. Globally, the marine world is facing unprecedented threats as degradation and exploitation occurs on an unsustainable scale; but we are proud that Frontier's activities are recognised as a tangible conservation solution".

Frontier's marine research projects, conducted in Madagascar, Tanzania, Fiji, and Mozambique, have resulted in the collection of extensive marine biodiversity data and culminated in the establishment of several national parks and protected areas in both Tanzania and Mozambique. Frontier-Fiji conducted a turtle conservation through environmental education project working closely with local communities on the island of Gau. Frontier-Madagascar operated another highly successful initiative by developing a marine environmental awareness raising and educational workshops programme, funded by the PADI AWARE Foundation. Marine surveys were used to develop a sustainable management plan for Diego Bay and initial steps were made to propose the site for nationally recognised conservation status. Furthermore, a PADI grant funded Frontier-Tanzania to conduct an environmental education and awareness among the local community project in Mafia Island Marine Park, the multi-user marine park that Frontier helped to establish 12 years ago. Read more about these projects in our Research & Development section.

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