project review

Some pearls of wisdom from Gau

Review submitted by Fiji Marine Camp
Review date 16 Nov 2010


We’re coming to the end of our 10 weeks on the island now and what an amazing 10 weeks it’s been.

There have been ups and downs, smiles and tears, laughter and agreements.  We’ve had games of Frisbee and volleyball in the blazing afternoon sun, sunsets so beautiful that the entire camp has been sat on the beach speechless in our appreciation of the sight, and we’ve had days both wet and cold with driving rain that has kept us all huddled under cover.sunset

At times our stay on Naviavia has been bliss and other times has been trying beyond belief. Lasting friendships have been forged and others have been strained to breaking point but not a single volunteer can say that they haven’t loved their stay here.

Everything single one of us has had experiences here on Gau that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and all of us have had our lives changed in some way for the better.  For some their eyes have been opened for both the need of wildlife conservation and also the personal reward in taking part in that conservation, others have discovered the joy of diving and of seeing the sights the underwater world has to offer.

So to those who are to follow I offer 3 pieces of advice:

1. Despite what you may think it can get wet and cold, bring warm clothing and waterproofs! (Underwear is of course optional)

2. Listen to the staff, whether they’re warning you about kleptomaniac crabs, or the dangers of drinking alcohol before kava, or simply giving you advise while you're out here. The staff that are here have been here long enough to know the tricks and are passionate enough about wildlife to know what they’re talking about, and that passion is infectious

3. Enjoy your stay in Fiji, on Gau and on Naviavia. I know I did.

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