project review

High School Athletics

Review submitted by Dan Highwood
Review date 17 Jun 2018


We’ve now finished our sports coaching programme at the local high school.

The teachers were all very welcoming and friendly and it was interesting seeing how a Fijian School operates.  The boys were very respectful and polite and that lessons went well and were enjoyable.

We had 3 weekends in between the teaching and we tried to make the most of them.  On our first weekend we took a minibus to a local resort for a night and two days.  It was a very fun and relaxed weekend which we spent getting to know the other volunteer teachers and chilling out on the beach and by the pool.

On our second weekend, we travelled by boat to a small paradise island.  It was beautiful with clear waters and soft beaches.  The meals were amazing and on Saturday night there was a beach bonfire with kava and guitars.  Overall a very enjoyable weekend.

On our third and final weekend we took a trip to the Bay.  This resort was fun as well with lots of activities to partake in with other “back packers” our age.  Including volleyball, table tennis, kava ceremonies and staff night entertainment.

We finished at school on Thursday then we were lucky enough to be around for the national high school athletics tournament on Friday and Saturday which were very exciting and atmospheric with everyone cheering and chanting at the much anticipated games.

Overall I can safely say that we enjoyed ourselves a lot this month and would love to come back to Fiji.

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