project review

More Than I Could Hope For!

Review submitted by Gill Donaldson
Review date 29 Apr 2018


I have now been in Fiji for one month and I love it here.  It has by a wide margin exceeded my expectations.

I was placed at a local primary school with 2 other volunteers, and I gained invaluable work experience.  The teachers were welcoming and inviting and made us feel like part of the staff faculty – allowing us to be in charge and make decisions whilst guiding us and helping us on our way.  The children at the school were little gems and were eager and willing to listen and learn from us.

We travelled outside of the island at the weekends and each retreat was as fun as the next even if in very different ways.  One of the islands we visited had a very relaxed atmosphere and we spent our days swimming in the sea, eating and lying on the beach.  The Bay was more upbeat with a younger crowd of travellers and a lot going on.

Overall my time here has been spent well and I wouldn’t take this experience back ever!

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