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My Fiji

Review submitted by Ryan Collier
Review date 18 Mar 2018


Well I just wanted to sum up what Fiji now means to me. First of all, I would always recommend this to everyone, and I would love to get this opportunity again in the future. Being back home, I am seeing things in a different light, and I’d like to think it has changed me too.

Every experience over there, including, the school, the friendliness of the people, getting ill!, getting a tattoo, meeting the locals and even sitting down for dinner at the lodge, has made my experience one to remember! The whole place is so stunning in sun or rain, and the weekends away that I experienced were amazing. The long weekend on Leluvia, topping the list!

But the most influential experience has to be the school, where I was working for the duration of my stay. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people to be placed with and also a nicer school to be working at. It seemed the top priority of everyone there was to make you feel welcome – and that they did!

In fact, by the time the end was near, I actually felt like a part of the faculty and everyone will be truly missed, I shall never forget them.

So if anyone is reading this, then I would have to say, go for it. Because it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience, something that I wouldn’t change for the world and more!

First day School- Suva

Wednesday 7th April

I had my first day at school today and it was so fun! I was placed in class 202 (the Head teachers class!), a class of 50 7 year olds! They are all so funny and it’s like they have never seen someone like me before. As soon as they knew my name – Mr or Master Ryan, I would hear it being said everywhere; they are so friendly and willing to learn. The first thing I taught them today was a few short rhymes followed by Row Row Row your boat. I was surprised at how advanced their English actually is, which is great because it means teaching them these songs is a lot easier!

I’m still quite shocked at how different the school is to those back in England. In terms of supplies they don’t have much, so they were so grateful when I handed them some art stuffs and wax crayons for the school. Well dinner is nearly ready, we have curry tonight, so I will write again shortly.

Thursday 8th April

WOW, is all I can say.

I was back in class 202 today, and on my second day I was practically left with the class on my own the whole day! It’s quite scary but I really enjoyed it, and the freedom to teach whatever I want!

The teachers here do so much, so they are often leaving the classroom for different things, which gives me loads of opportunities to take pictures and get to know the kids. So today I started by showing the class some pictures of objects that rhymed with each other, the fact that they were laminated really amazed the kids! It took me around 30mins to collect them all back in, a lot of the kids were tracing the pictures into their books! In the afternoon I asked for some paper to do some art, that’s when I realised just how little the school had; I was given a pile of paper that was already used on one side, but the children were grateful either way to have some paper to draw on. That afternoon we made 3D flowers for the classroom wall.

At the school, lunch is at 12 for 1 hour, and all the teachers just share their food! One teacher, brought in 4 Roti’s (Indian flat bread) and some filling for us to try, I think I’m in love! It was so nice.

After school, me, Gill and Chloe headed into the town and ended up at the supermarket buying Cadburys chocolate! How could I resist!

Back to school, after a weekend away and getting so sun burnt!

Monday 12th April

Hey hey! I’m at the school as we speak! Gill, and Chloe didn’t make it in today, as their sun burn was really bad! I have it quite bad but being at the school is helping to take my mind off it!

Its lunch time at the moment, and this morning I have been in class 201. The teacher is so funny, she calls me Master Ry! The children in this class are just as friendly as the others! And I’m sure one of them is a Beyonce look-alike!

This class has so many funny characters; there is one boy who is allowed to go around and pinch those who are talking, its UNREAL!

I’ve been introduced to more of the teachers today too, and they are all so curious about what I do back home and what its like! I’m always asked if I’m married haha.

Well, one of the teachers has just showed up with some Roti again, so I will try the Okra and Chile that he has brought!


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