project review

The Art of splitting 1 Apple into 22 Parts

Review submitted by Ruth Merrifield
Review date 25 Jul 2018


I've had the best three months in Nepal. The people are so friendly and really want to show you their culture. If you are in a host family then you can't help but take part in all the festivals. However you will be expected to dance Nepali style!

The routine in the orphanages and Nepal in general is very different to what I was used to. Everyone is awake by 6am, but in bed by 9pm. But you get used to it very quickly. The children are very independent from a young age. They are quite capable of looking after themselves by the age of 5 or 6 within the orphanages; however they still love to play, usually roughly. The older children in the orphanages will always look after the young ones and make sure they are ok. I've never met such a tough, fun loving, kind and sharing group of children. The older kids will always share even if there is not enough to go round, it is quite something seeing a child trying to split one apple into 22 parts. If I could I'd take them all home with me.

Seeing the difference between the culture within the city and village areas was very interesting. If you really want to experience what Nepal is like I suggest you get to the villages. They can be a bit scary to begin with, but if you’re willing to get about and talk to people then you'll be welcomed into all activities and soon be a part of the village life. They'll make you part of the family, and I mean that everyone in a village will be related to one another, and they will start calling you sister. The only hard part is saying goodbye and having to leave.

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