project review

Eleanor's Ostrich Escape

Review submitted by Eleanor Robert-James
Review date 29 Apr 2018


Getting up at 6:30am every morning for six weeks isn't as rough as it sounds. In fact working outdoors at that time of the morning is one of the nicest things about the project. Sometimes it was actual work, maybe pulling staples and nails out of fence posts, or building an aviary or stables with your group. Sometimes it was more chilled than that, like going for a game drive out on the reserve or playing with lion cubs.

Don't go expecting to cuddle animals all day. That is a small part of it as they have hand reared cubs, and a Bengal tiger breeding program, but in truth there is a lot of manual work involved. I loved the work - doing fence patrols looking for holes and snares, working at the elephant sanctuary, building work, and my absolute favourite - chopping down alien tree species with machetes. Game drives, game counts and lion tracking were always great fun, especially at night when the display of stars in the sky has to be seen to be believed! One of the best days for me involved being chased over a 10 foot barbed wire fence by a pack of angry ostriches whilst out on patrol in the wilderness. I thought it was hysterical but I'm not sure anyone else saw the funny side!

Weekends were spent out in Port Elizabeth, J-Bay or even Addo National Park, which was well worth the cost. All in all I had some of the best six weeks I could have hoped for and met some really lovely people along the way.

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