project review

Tiger Temple & Thai Cooking

Review submitted by Pritpal Saundh
Review date 19 Jan 2010


We are roughly 10 days through our trail so far and it’s unbelievable to think how much we’ve already done.

We begin the story in Bangkok, where everyone is met by our trail leader, Megan, from the airport and we all settle into our first accommodation. We spend two days in Bangkok overall, getting to see the popular sites such as the Grand Palace & Reclining Buddha. We are also quick to get to know the local cuisine, eating from a range of local market places.

We head out from the Capital and head west to Kanchanaburi. Though still on the tourist track, it is far more relaxed and it has given the group a real chance to bond and get to know each other. We spent two days here, with the highlight of day one being the visit to the local tiger temple- a temple where monks raise orphaned tigers and open their grounds to the public. The second day we went to Erawan waterfalls. This was a fun day out for everyone, where we got to climb up seven tiers of waterfalls and swim in the numerous crystal clear pools beneath them. In the evenings, we’ve had time to go and experience the local night markets and entertainment.

We move on up to Chiang Mai, a bustling city in the north of Thailand. Here Megan gave us the opportunity to go peruse our own interests. I, along with another volunteer, Henry, headed to Vannee & Mae’s Thai cookery course. We were introduced to the local ingredients used and where we could by them in the UK. Then we were given a half day's training in six Thai dishes, not forgetting we got to test the results!

The group reconvenes and we pursue a 3 day trek through the forests north of Chiang Mai. During the trek we stay with the local Licu, Lasu and Karen tribes and get to experience their way of living first hand. This is an experience I'll never forget!

We are now in Pai, a small town in the north, and we prepare to come south one final time and prepare for our entry into Cambodia. I look forward to what this will bring and I’ve no doubt Megan will make the next 10 days as fun and action packed as the last, before we head onto our projects.

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