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Adventures in the East

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Review date 15 Apr 2009


Our first week in Thailand definitely has to be one we'll remember. We started in Bangkok, where the vibrancy and atmosphere really opened our eyes to a new cultural experience. Khao San road, the main backpacker’s area, was a flurry of street side stalls, colour and calls for tuk tuk!?

The grand palace just blew us away with its vastness and intricate, glittering architecture. Our next stop; Kanchanaburri, showed us the diversity that exists within Thailand. Its stunning natural surroundings and floating guesthouse created a whole different vibe. Kayaking down the river Kwai and under the 'death railway' bridge showed us the history we had just learnt from the emotional 'museum of the death railway'.

The 12 hour bus ride to Chaing Mai was an interesting one, but was totally worth the experience and was the perfect place for Thai New Year’s celebrations, where we par-took in a huge street water festival, complete with our own super soakers!

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