project review

Wading Through Rice Paddys

Review submitted by Peter Lovick
Review date 25 Jun 2010


My time at Sayari camp was extremely enjoyable.  The work wasn’t hard and was mostly enjoyable although wading through thigh deep water in a rice paddy can't really be described as fun!  It's good to feel that you are making a difference.  This was a really good experience in practicing different methods in monitoring many different species. My time on camp wasn’t all work - as most of it was done in the morning, it left most afternoons free to enjoy ourselves -  we could read or cycle to the nearest bar (only about an hour away!).  Whilst the cycle there seemed quite straightforward, it became quite a struggle cycling back after a few beers and a few chipsi mayais!  We even played football against the local village.  Overall I think that this is an extremely fun project to take part in and gives valuable experience in conservation.


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