project review


Review submitted by Donna Ladd
Review date 9 Nov 2009


I have acclimatised very well to Tanzania life and it is a very special place. Everyone has made me feel so welcome - they are such welcoming, kind, friendly people. I'm very relaxed here and not once have I picked up my iPod or even had time to read.

The secondary school is full of great kids and teachers. The headmistress picks me up for school every morning and then I take the 30 minute walk home. I teach around 65 kids aged around 13-15. They read quite good English but their written English is very basic. I am trying to stick to the curriculum but I've also really had to go back to basics. It is very hard to communicate or know how they find my teaching as they don't answer me when I ask them questions nor seek help by putting their hands up but this is a process that I am working on and I hope to really draw it out of them soon.

I've started to introduce basic rules and they talk a lot in lessons too but I just tend to stop what I'm doing and just wait for them to realise - this seems to work.  I asked another teacher to converse my rules in Swahili and to explain to them the importance of learning English in the world of university and work internationally - we are finally getting somewhere.

One thing I would say for future teachers is that chalk, lined paper and tons of pencils are the essentials to bring. It’s also great to bring things like paper, colouring pencils, balloons, puzzles etc for the younger village kids.

My aim is to try and get them to write a letter to Frontier!

I've started private tuition for the local children and adults, although I have to wind it in a bit as my numbers are rapidly multiplying and of course everyone needs some 'me' time.

I must admit this has got to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life and as basic as it is, it seems the less I have the less I need! I definitely want to do more of this too - I truly feel that I have found my vocation in life!!!

So all in all, Teacher Donna is having the most amazing experience!

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