project review

Thirteen Obruni’s land in Tutu

Review submitted by Olivia Iles, Kim Warrillow, Emily Clarke and Lauren Clark
Review date 12 Jul 2010


The minute we stepped off the plane we were hit by a wave of humidity, followed by a man acting as our ‘guide’ showing us where to give our passports.  On our journey from the airport in Accra to Tutu it was a cultural explosion, with tro-tros everywhere, and hawkers shouting to sell us water and fried plantain. As we reached Tutu, calm descended as we saw for the first time the village we would call home for the next month, and walking into Mama Cynthia’s house we were given such a warm welcome it immediately felt like a home away from home.
Walking around the village we feel like celebrities as the village children run up shouting “obruni obruni” or “white person” and ask our names. Everyone greets us with a smile and asks how we are.
We have been split into groups for our placements, and those who went to the nursery during our first week were mobbed by the nursery tots all jostling for our attention and to hold our hands. On Friday there was a teacher vs. volunteer football match which we’re pleased to say we won 4-1. Kim did try to take out the headmistress in a penalty and Ellie got a yellow card for being too loud, but everyone survived! Working at the nursery was amazing as we were able to teach them nursery rhymes and made height charts for their classrooms – it was a brilliant start to our month in Ghana, but absolutely exhausting!
On Friday night there was a lightening storm and a power cut so we decided that a dance-off on the porch was the best solution to occupy ourselves – there was something slightly surreal dancing in the dark to 90s classic’s Saturday Night and Reach for the Stars, but after a brilliant first week, we’re looking forward to our next three in Ghana!

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