project review

It’s over for now, but I will return!

Review submitted by Jennifer Shattuck
Review date 11 Jul 2018


WORK: A day on the medical project began at 8am in the Biochemistry Pathology Laboratory at the local hospital. There were about 4 members of senior staff that had been employed in that laboratory for over 5 years who briefly trained me for the month I was on project for. Also there is a head personnel who looked over all operations in the laboratory and had to sign off on the results before they could be disbursed back to the doctors. Also for the month I was volunteering I was working along side students from the Fiji School of Medicine and also interns working to be medical technicians. I enjoyed the working environment after I adapted to the language and cultural barriers. Throughout the month of June I learned a lot about the laboratory including the equipment and the test performed on them, the significance of the results and most interesting knowledge I obtained was about the Hindi culture.

HOME LIFE: I could not have asked for anything more from the accommodation offered to the volunteers. I felt it was a perfect balance between culture, family environment, and dorm accommodation. The lodge provided a comfortable, caring, and safe place to stay during my medical project. Between watching films with Colin, Josh and the other volunteers after school/work, and walking into town for some shopping or refreshment in the holiday inn pool and returning to a home cooked meal, I would not change a thing, it’s a perfect place for Frontier volunteers to stay.

NIGHTLIFE IN SUVA: After a long day of work it was nice to blow off some steam and dance the night away at O’Reillys Bar/Club after a small meal next door at Bad Dogs Café. If the other volunteers and I were not satisfied with our night out when O’Reillys closed we would venture down the road to Traps where we would watch the World Cup or just unwind on the couches. The night was never complete until we walked to the Fiji BBQ which was right on the seaside.

Basically my experience in Fiji was amazing. My time spent and knowledge obtained had a perfect balance between culture, work experience, personal relationships, and nightlife or fun in general. Fiji will be blessed with my presence in the future that is one thing for sure.

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