project review

Mexico to San Cristobel

Review submitted by Daniel Williams and Rupert Davies
Review date 15 May 2018


We arrived in Mexico City and crashed out at Hostel Moneda, right next to the city centre. After a Mexican breakfast of tortillas, fruit and cereals we went to Teothiuacan, one of the largest ancient Mayan cities in Mexico, with the third largest pyramid in the world, which definitely takes some effort to climb! We spent the night at Mexican wrestling, definitely a big part of city life!

The next day we took in a tour of the city, checking out some artisan markets where we bought Mexican wrestling masks and adopted Mexican wrestling characters! We also took in the view from the Latino America building, which really gives you an idea of how big the city is. Then we watched Aztec dancers at the zocalo, then moved on to the football and appreciated the cathedral and palace to yelps of delight from the Dutch!

For our last day in Mexico city we visited the Museum of Anthropology, which gives you a background of Mexican culture - believe me, there's a lot of it! After we watched a traditional dance where men get swung around a pole upsidedown in Chapaultepec Park (the next step for maypole dancers I think), and then got an arduous 19 hour bus ride to the next spot - San Cristobal de las Casas.

San Cristobal is a colonial town but with a very present population of indigenous people. The zapatistas fought for the rights of indigenous people (historically suppressed) as recently as 1994. After salsa dancing the night away in a Latino bar, we got a collectivo to the Tzotzil community village of San Juan Chamula where there is a good market  and a church where the Tzotzil people practise a mix of Mayan and Catholicism. The church is full of candles everywhere and the floor is covered with pine needles which creates a really tranquil ambiance. They do however still practise sacrificial rituals using chickens that do deter from the serenity a little, especially if you're not expecting it! The next day we took a tour to Palenque ruins, surrounded by jungle, then went to Agua Azul and Misol-ha waterfalls. Misol-ha was amazing, you can walk behind the waterfall and it feels like a fantasy land. After that we took a night bus to Chetumal to cross the border. Next stop Belize!

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