project review

'Forest camp expands!

Review submitted by James Harber
Review date 23 Jul 2010


Forest camp has certainly been busy the last month, with Research Assistants coming and going, and with the camp the busiest it has ever been! Edmond's handy work has now doubled the capacity of forest camp, and now that our new Principal Investigator has joined the team things are looking to expand further for forest camp. High on the list is mapping the local area's habitat types for use with GIS, and getting new transects cut for further scientific work across Antsolipa.

The new Research Assistants have certainly been lucky as the eminent primatologist Dr. Ben Freed has been staying over at camp to study the Sanford Brown and Crowned lemurs.  Recent findings from the Research Assistants include a plethora of ousteletis and panther chameleons, and the ever elusive
mouse lemur.  The new trails being cut across the forest are literally opening up a whole host of possibilities for getting in to study even more of the Antsolipa forest fragment, with crowned lemur's territory now being much more accessible for behavioural studies.

A lot of social work has been carried out as well, with the president of the local village showing a lot of interest in the work that Frontier is carrying out in Antsolipa. It is certainly shaping up to be a good phase!