project review

Wonderful memories

Review submitted by Jessica Cornwell
Review date 25 Jul 2018


I am near the end of my trip now and I really don't want to go home! The whole experience has been awesome and has taught me a lot of things. When I first arrived at the school I was a little nervous as I was the only female and the teachers were monks. However the Head Monk is a lovely man who always makes sure everything is going ok and the rest of the monks always have a laugh and joke with you, which made me feel much more relaxed.

Teaching my first class was so scary, but the children really enjoy having volunteers teaching them as it's someone new for them to interact with and ask questions. I had three different classes which were all different ages and different levels of English. The younger class were always wanting to sing and play new games, which was a lot of fun, whilst with the older children in the other classes we were able to have long conversations which improved their grammar. At times lessons were hard because it is difficult for some children to take in and understand the English language, but gradually you see them improve and it is so rewarding.

I have learned a lot about the children here and how much they appreciate being taught, as well as the religious side from the monks. During my spare time I met other volunteers and we went on trips, which were really fun. I only have a week left with my classes and I am very sad to be leaving, but I will have wonderful memories forever!


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