project review

Starry skies

Review submitted by Jo Caswell
Review date 6 Aug 2016


It’s my last day on camp today, and I don’t want to leave. The first week here was the hardest adjusting to everything, but after that you forget about all of that and just experience the amazing wildlife and scenery you get so complacent seeing everyday. Endangered squirrel monkeys and scarlet macaws visit our camp daily and the thundering crashing of the waves send you to sleep after a long day of river otter transects, primate walks and the odd frog transect. Olive Ridley turtles nesting season is in full swing, there is a patrol on the beach most nights, where you get to see turtles laying and making their nest. Some experiences on turtle walks are never to forget, walking under a starry sky with shooting stars and glowing feet from the algae on your boots!

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