project review

Lots of Wildlife

Review submitted by Jenny Gatward
Review date 13 Aug 2010


We’ve been having a great time here on camp. Most days are spent doing large mammal transects but there have been lots of trips to the local villages and plenty of socialising at night. We’ve seen and heard lots of wildlife – both on the bus journey down through the National Park and right here on camp. There have been elephants, hyenas, leopards and lions all less than 100m from camp! Walking in the bush is fantastic as you get a real sense of adventure. The tricky terrain can be quite challenging but it’s amazing to find so many wildlife tracks along the way.

The food is really good. Rice and beans can get a bit dreary, so there is always the essential chilli sauce on camp! Vegetables and the occasional meat dish liven up evening meals, and trips to the village always include at least one chipsi mayai. The long drop and bucket shower took some getting used to but after 4 weeks on camp it now feels just like home. Socialising in the evening is always a laugh and a beer or konyagi (the local spirit) is always very welcome after a long day. Camp life is very fun and relaxed with the staff and locals always making you feel welcome and at home and of course making sure everyone is having a good time!

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