project review

Tribeni's Buddhist insights

Review submitted by Tribeni Gurung
Review date 29 Apr 2018


My time at the Buddhist Monastery was amazing! When I first arrived at the monastery, I was nervous as I had little idea about what to expect from my placement as well as the children. But after a few hours or so, I felt at home as the children began to ask me about my life in London and as my parents are Nepalese, they started asking me about my life in Nepal as well. Throughout the week I really got to know the children and I realised that they were more ‘normal’ than what we think a Buddhist monk is. As the weeks went on, I got a real insight into the Buddhist religion which helped me understand their life at the monastery. The monks were eager to learn whatever I taught them and they always wanted to learn new things; whether it is English, Geography, Maths and even dance! Overall I had a really good time teaching the monks, and it was them who made it worthwhile both in and out of the classroom. Don’t go with any expectations. Interact as much as you can with those you are working with as they make your project most worthwhile and enjoyable.

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