project review

Life on Manta Camp

Review submitted by Samantha Holder
Review date 18 May 2016


Life on Manta camp has passed so quickly, it’s hard to keep track of the days and the weeks! The dive training was completed with ease, so we have had lots of opportunities to get in the water and explore the local area. So far, we have been diving around Nosy Stu, Turtle Rock, over to Leper Island, and across the bay to Bay Zero. Every time we dive we see something new or exciting to add to our list. We have seen both hawk billed and green turtles not far from camp, there are elegant lion fish that display themselves almost every dive, and moray ells hiding amongst the coral.

I asked some of the other volunteers what has been there favourite diving experience so far. These have included 'seeing a 2m long guitar fish', 'seeing a blue spotted ribbon tailed ray', 'the nudibranchs that we have been studying, especially as we may have discovered some new species to the area', being joined by a small pod of hump backed dolphins.

We have had four new volunteers arrive on camp and they are all settling in very well.  They are already making impressive headway into their dive training and are all looking forward to their first night dive.