project review

A Hive of Activity

Review submitted by Kate Quinton & Kim Walsh
Review date 14 Sep 2010


Camp has been a hive of activity on the wildlife front, with daily visits from lemurs at the stream, both day and night, birds such as the beautiful Vangas chattering throughout the day, Chameleons and Geckos sleeping on branches and Boas and Hognose snakes joining us at the table for dinner!

We also have much entertainment from the chickens, a chick that was rejected by its mother has become a key part of the MGF family sleeping on our feet and attempting to get into the pancake mix. Oh, and he answers to the name John Connor- don't ask! Spot the camp dog is never far behind a squawking chicken, that is, when she isn’t jumping into the hammock to join you for some chill out time after a day surveying.

Life on camp is simple, the kitchen may be basic but it is fully functional and certain volunteer’s cooking means we are always very looked after! The long drop is actually quite civilised and an excellent place to spot the Paradise Flycatcher. Camp duties are easy to master and checking the pitfall and Sherman traps leads to much excitement when we are lucky enough to be able to process a Mouse Lemur!

The scenery is breathtaking at anytime, from Broken Mountain and Orientation Point you have fantastic views of the forest fragments MGF works in, as well as the two reserves nearby and you can even see the sea! We have also been lucky enough to have camp outs to search out even more beautiful scenery for sunsets and sunrises, and have watched the area beginning to return to a lush green as we near wet season.

Everyone here on camp is very different, but we have all become firm friends, living in the forest is fun and care free- it makes you want to stay forever!

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