project review

I can't believe how quickly 10 weeks has gone!

Review submitted by Rob Davis
Review date 27 Sep 2010


I can't believe how quickly 10 weeks has gone! We completed the large mammal and elephant transects and also finished the social survey work in the villages further away from camp. The dry season has seen farmers burning the fields, meaning that everything's very black and bare. We've had a chance to see some more of the area, including a trip into the hunting concession where we saw wild dogs, sable, herds of buffalo, amazing bird life and got some stunning views of the Kilombero floodplain. 

Over the last 3 months we have had a very good insight into biological conservation methods such as bird-netting and small  mammal trapping, we managed to catch a few surprised squirrels! Through focus groups we've also seen how conservation can affect and be affected by local communities.

Since leaving camp we've had a great time on safari in Mikumi National park, where we saw a ridiculous amount of impala, elephants, warthogs, zebras, giraffe but sadly no big cats.

Finally a farewell party in Dar and a last-minute trip to the beach and it's all over. It's been an amazing adventure and I'll miss Tanzania and Sayari camp – even the long drop looks appealing now!

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