project review

Chilli, Street Vendors and Bob

Review submitted by Patunia Makobolola
Review date 11 Oct 2015


Meeting my tour leader at our hostel immediately put me at ease. I knew from that moment I was in good hands. That evening, when the other volunteers arrived, we headed out to get some real Mexican food, which proved to be interesting! The following day was filled with some good street navigation and loud entertaining street sellers. Mexicans, when it comes to selling, do it with gusto! In the short time we had, we managed to see the great National Palace filled with murals from Diego Rivera and old Mexican history. My tour leader and I have already written up a shopping list of artifacts that need to be sent our way, I think we could decorate our houses pretty well. The Anthropology Museum was amazing, with all it’s cultural history. It’s also where we sampled chili in a lollipop for the first time. I love the Mexicans. If they do something they do it properly. Chilli for example is in everything, including chilli sprinkles attached to our fruit salad!

I fell in love with our next destination, a colonial town in the south, and Bob, the horse that took me up the mountain to a local village nestled in the hillside. I had to reward him with an apple for his hard work. Our 24 hour bus ride was worth it, we got to travel from there to some beautiful waterfalls, where the volunteers sampled the water temperature by diving in! It also lead us to amazing Mayan ruins hidden amongst the thick tropical forest.


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