project review

Life is all good at Manta camp!

Review submitted by Susie Hill
Review date 11 Oct 2010


Upon arrival in Diego we were met at the airport by our Principal Investigator and taken to the hotel. It was amazing! With a view of the bay it is so much prettier than I expected. Going around the town was a great experience, trying the local street food, going around the local market, and meeting local Malagasy people. On arrival the staff and local people made us feel at home.

After a few days of acclimating to camp life we visited a local village to teach English. We and the kids really enjoyed the teaching and you could tell they genuinely appreciated it. The diving around camp is amazing; the sea is so full of life. Each time you dive you see something new. Yesterday we saw dolphins! We just completed our open water which was fun, challenging and well taught. Life is all good at Manta camp!

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