project review

Enjoying 'Fiji Time'

Review submitted by Camilla Kiernan
Review date 29 Apr 2018


So, after a week of “being Fijian” and living with my family, I have begun to feel a part of Fiji.  With everyone I have met, I don’t feel like an outsider, I’ve been made so welcome and love living a Fijian lifestyle by drinking kava every night!

At first, arriving in Fiji, so far away from home, was very daunting as it was only then that I realise I was going to be living here for 5 months!  However, I soon got to meet people really easily, as my Fijian host family introduced me to all of their friends and family, so I soon felt into it.  Just walking down the street , everybody says “bula”! 
The people at the Red Cross have been so friendly and inviting, taking me to bars and trying to teach me Fijian.  I’ve been going out in the vehicles with them to various places, so I’ve been getting to know the area, even if I can’t remember the names of the places!  The work at the Red Cross has been can be slow, as they’re very busy, but there are always people to talk to and learn more about Fiji.  In a few weeks I will be going out to the villages and over to the western side of Viti Levu, but I am here for a long time, so take things slowly.

My family that I’m living with are great!  I feel like I have known them forever, they are so easy to talk to and relax around, like everybody in Fiji.  That’s something I love about Fiji, “Fiji time”, everything and everyone is slow-paced and relaxed.  There is no need to rush – a complete change from England.  I’ve already learnt a few basics of the language they’re trying to teach me, but they do laugh a lot when I speak Fijian, so that may be something I need to work on ...

I really love Fiji, like everybody in Fiji does, and can’t wait to immerse myself into it even more, which will be pretty easy!

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