project review

Lasting impressions

Review submitted by Laura Smith
Review date 11 Oct 2010


After a long and tiring journey we finally arrived at the beautiful Mafia Island Marine Park. We travelled to camp and we were greeted by three smiling staff members. We were all pleasantly surprised at the living conditions here and our banda is nice and breezy, but can get very hot in the morning! We are able to space out and have a comfortable amount of room. Even the long drops are better than expected as we thought it would just be a hole in the ground! The local people are so friendly. We hear ‘Karibu Mafia!’ throughout the village which is so nice to hear – ‘Welcome to Mafia’ as the locals are happy to see us. The divers have had a week of successful dives and return telling stories of beautiful fish they have seen. The children at the school are adorable and so happy to have us teaching them. It gets dark so quickly and early here, so many of our nights so far have been spent playing cards and sampling some local delicacies in the local town. We have all agreed that we have settled into camp so quickly, as well as the Tanzanian laid back culture. Washing in the sea looking around at the perfect scenery, including white sand and palm trees, Mafia depicts the perfect paradise.

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