project review

Green turtles on Tanzania Marine

Review submitted by Tamara Rowson
Review date 25 Oct 2010


Yesterday TZM went to Juani island and saw a green turtle nest hatching, was a great and very sad day! Of the 113 eggs only 63 hatched, and then of those 63 two died on the way to the water, one was attacked by a black kite, one was attacked by a crab and one that made it all the way to the sea was promptly gobbled up... by a squid. Was very sad and a very real insight to why only 2-3 in 10,000 hatchlings make it to maturity. :( pole sana kasa mdogo. We then completed a beach clean, collecting the hundreds of flip flops, bottles, mounds of polystyrene and discarded fishing rubbish to provide the nesting adult turtles and hatchlings with the best chances possible!

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And here's a few that made it!