project review

The time of my life....

Review submitted by Antonia Meschke
Review date 28 Oct 2010


I have been traveling through different countries before I came to Fiji. But I didn’t realize that these four weeks in Fiji were going to become the best of all my travels; ones which would have the greatest impact on me, and that Fiji would get underneath my skin and leave me changing my attitude to life!

The project is well organized and everything is easy to handle. The coordinator was lovely and always around when needed. The teaching in itself is a challenge however it was fantastic. I was placed at the Primary School in the capital of Fiji. I taught class 5, which was a good age range in order to both play and learn with the children. The class was so happy and so vibrant. It is possible to do the work without having any prior experience however it would be a huge advantage if you had. Every day is different and I spent my time holding lessons, correcting homework, doing some art and craft work or teaching sports like playing volleyball.

I decided to stay in a home stay with a Fijian family, which was the best decision I have ever made since the cultural experience is incredible. To get to know the real Fijian life is not possible by staying in a hostel, eating western food and filling your free time with partying in touristic places. I had 6 Fijian brothers and my parents were lovelier then I could have dreamed. The Fijians in general are very warm, friendly and hospitable. Most of the time, there are some other volunteers doing a teaching, medical or dive placement and you have always the chance to meet them for dinner or go clubbing.

Fiji is beautiful and the islands were fantastic! I would recommend spending some time after your project phase on traveling. I spent one week on the Yasawa Islands prior to my placement, I also traveled along the Coral Coast and went up to Vanua Levu and Taveuni. All the islands are beautiful and worth visiting. If you are interested in meeting international students and doing some partying, the Yasawas is a perfect choice. To see some quiet and relaxing places you should head to Savusavu and Taveuni, where you can best experience the famous ‘Fiji time’. All the locals are so friendly and there are lots of activities everywhere you go like snorkeling, diving, hiking, visiting a church mission, a pearl farm and so on.

I would truly recommend the teaching project as well as the family home stay.


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