project review

A plethora of wildlife!

Review submitted by Lucy Pilcher
Review date 2 Nov 2010


I’ve only been in Costa Rica for 4 weeks, but it feels like I’ve been here forever. The amount that I have seen is incredible, all 4 types of monkey, scarlet macaws, coatis, peccaries, a tamadua, and eventually a turtle. And that’s not to mention all the ants, lizards, bugs, spiders and birds that you encounter each and every day. It’s not only the wildlife that have made these past 4 weeks so amazing, the peninsula is stunning.

Camp is just a 3 minute walk down a trail to the beach and the rainforest is always full of surprises such as the waterfall tucked away from the trails and beach.
We’ve been busy with the research side of things too, doing primate walks, bird surveys and turtle patrols.

That’s not to say that everything here is perfect and always goes to plan! I’ve experienced my fair share of rain, and how unpredictable things can become in rainy season but it’s definitely all worth it. You quickly adapt to life here, and realise fairly soon that mud isn’t as bad as you first thought. I’m sure that when I leave in a couple more weeks, it’s going to be really tough to leave it all behind.

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