project review

Cambodia is showing us SO MUCH!

Review submitted by Severine, Simon and Laura
Review date 3 Nov 2010


It is only the start of the fifth week and already the small providence has shown us so much, from imposing temples high on hills, breath-taking views when standing on the top of Phnom Trong and flocks of pure white egrets that fly overhead in the early morning light. The people here are just as impressive as the area that surrounds them. Always chatty and cheerful, choruses of ‘hellos’ always greet us as we pass their villages en route to the mountains or during community interviews. Their friendliness has helped us settle in and with the help of our guides we find our way through this uncharted habitat, which has revealed some impressive finds, such as a huge diversity of butterflies of all possible sizes and colour, some places the air is thick with them.  With the use of traditional fishing boats, we have delved into the heart of the flooded woodland to discover storks, king fisher’s, fish eagle’s, kites and many more. Although the most exciting of these has to be the evidence found that suggests there may be fishing cat in the area.  We have located cat scat, two large to be domestic, prints close to a village and many of the locals have suggested that they have sighted the elusive cat at least in the past year.  Capture traps and camera-traps have been set to collect many different types of fauna and we wait with excitement for what the second half of the phase has to offer.


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