project review

Back to basics in Madagascar...and we love it!

Review submitted by Rebecca Gliddon and Christine Hipperson
Review date 8 Nov 2010


Now in week 5 at Madagascar Forest camp and we have never eaten so much rice in our lives. We love our camp guardian who cooks us lovely meals especially boulettes and zebu every week. Life at camp is amazing waking up to rooster calls and eating under trees with lemurs, washing in the stream with kingfishers by day and crabs at night. We must watch our step around camp to avoid standing on snakes!

On our day off we walked to a beautiful waterfall, through fields, down valleys and witnessed our first Madagascan rain storm- very beautiful! We have been carrying out various survey methods including vegetation transects and bird walks by day and lemur vocalization, mist netting and chameleon walks by night. We have processed many chameleons but have yet to find the smallest kind. We have also been to bat roost and seen hundreds of fruit bats with a sunset in the background.

Currently we are staying in the local village homestays within the community, getting involved with the local culture. The local villages are very interesting even teaching us how to wash our clothes and braiding Jess and Jame’s hair.

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