project review

10 FANTASTIC weeks

Review submitted by Anna-Lea Haas and Patunia Makobolola
Review date 10 Dec 2016


In review of the last 10 FANTASTIC weeks Leon was a good start to Nicaragua. After cold showers in the Honduran capital anything was welcome.  We felt right at home in the city’s cobbled streets, amazing churches and colourful houses. The best part was the delicious chicken shwarma’s, we were heartbroken to leave them behind. Next stop Grenada! We arrived outside the buzzing market and settled in to the most kitsch hostel imaginable. It didn’t take long to find out how enthusiastic the local ladies were as we got our legs pinched by a crazy woman whilst perusing the market stalls. If we thought market lady was enthusiastic, boy were we wrong, for the horse and carriage tour guide fell head over heels in love with our charming trail leader.  All we can say about the Nicaraguan/Costa Rican border was that it was hot hot hot and the locals really know how to make a good crab curry! Arriving on camp was a shock but we soon adapted and all caught the jungle fever.

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