project review

Awesome snakes in Madagascar

Review submitted by Christopher Wilmett and Sam Leeming
Review date 13 Dec 2010


Recently the snakes have been awesome. We found a big tree boa, and got to pin our first hog nose (a very aggressive snake!). We’ve been finding lots of Brookesias stumpffi, tiny dwarf chameleons, and with the onset of rainy season we’ve seen a lot more of everything. 

On a day off we went on a hike to a volcanic hill overlooking the limestone tsingy of Ankarana, had a beer and watched the sun set. We visited the local market, a big social event, where people walk for miles to attend. We ate zebu heart, it’s a favourite. We’ve been continuing our surveys. One night we spent two hours in the pouring rain, wading through swamps, falling in streams and getting lost in dense palm plantations, looking for chameleons. We didn’t find any but it was an epic night! It was so much fun, one of our favourite moments.

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