project review

Beautiful new Nosy Be camp

Review submitted by Lara Stone
Review date 15 Dec 2010


A lot has happened at Madagascar Marine Manta camp in the last few weeks. We went on a satellite camp for one week outside the mouth of the bay to an area called Emerald Sea. The fringing reef provided a new environement with different species composition to survey and we found an old ship wreck to explore.

We went on camp swap and got to combine with all the RA's and staff on forest for a few days and learn about another interesting Frontier project, then the whole group went to marine camp as well. It was great meeting up with the RA's and staff from the other camp whom we had not need since the start of phase.

In the last two weeks we successfully relocated Madagascar Marine Manta camp to Nosy Be, one of the most beautiful destinations in Madagascar. It was sad to say goodbye to the Bay of Diego, my home for the last 8 weeks and Frontiers for 5 years! The new location in Nosy Be is absolutley idyllic with palm tress, primary forest, lemurs and a tranquil coastal village. Our new camp is right in a village and gives us a better oppurtunity to integrate with Malagasy people and culture; including late night beach partying Malagsy style with everyone from babies, the village president and grandmas under the stars! We ended the phase with two dives in Nosy Tanikely, a marine protected area where we got to dive with dolphins! So much has happened this phase and there is so much to explore for the incoming volunteers for next phase at Manta camps new location in Nosy Be.


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