project review

Oreos and Welly Boots

Review submitted by Chloe Pilpel
Review date 16 Dec 2010


Not even the knee deep mud could dampen my enthusiasm to have arrived on camp after the bone-jolting, stomach-churning ride there on a glorified cattle truck. I was just glad to be off that thing. After a warming breakfast of porridge, an even warmer welcome from the staff and other volunteers and a half-hour settling in to my tent I felt right at home.
The next four weeks passed unbelievably quickly, a blur of turtle walks along deserted, palm-fringed beaches with scarlet macaws flying overhead, mornings being rudely awaken by the roar of howler monkeys close to camp, long treks through dense tropical forest (each bringing a new surprise in the form of some charming creature) and adventures in crystal clear rivers that led to hidden waterfalls deep in the jungle. When the sun went down we would sit together by candlelight, woodland sounds rustling away in the background as we cooked, played cards and chatted.
I found Costa Rica forest camp to be the most incredible experience, exhausting at times (thank you for the chocolaty moral boost Oreos!) but utterly awe-inspiring and wonderful; a real untouched paradise that will stay with me forever.

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