project review

What an experience in Tanzania!

Review submitted by Kim Terry
Review date 17 Dec 2010


The past 10 weeks have been such an experience, that a brief description can barely express how much has happened since I arrived in Dar. I have seen unbelievable wildlife in my time here, been exposed to the workings of how conservation can be conducted and had a reality check in the limitations experienced on the ground.

The highlight has to have been experiencing what African life is really like. We had representatives visit from all the villages we were working in, and having them on camp for two weeks, was such a fantastic experience. I not only got to know the hardships they are exposed to, but felt as though I made many new friends. It’s not every day you get to be known by a host of the local villages, invited in for food and drinks whenever you pass through!

I will always remember my time here in Tanzania, and all in all an it is an experience I will never forget.

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