project review

Waves, Snakes and Scarlet Macaws

Review submitted by Sam, Charlotte, Luanne and Claire
Review date 11 Jan 2017


After the roller coaster ride on the collectivo bus we arrived safely at our new home. We were all pleasantly surprised by the size and comfort of the rustic camp. We arrived after nightfall and fell asleep to the unbelievable sound of the waves crashing the shore just out of sight. The camp is situated in an ideal position, just minutes away from the beach in a secluded jungle location. A week in and we have all almost acclimatized to the heat and humidity.

With the aid of gallons of water we have began our survey training and have participated on turtle and bird surveys along the idyllic deserted Piro beach and the rainforest of the Osa. We’ve spotted three of the infamous venomous Fer De Lance snakes during our river walks where we’ve also come across many spider monkeys who love to play and shake the branches above us.  Scarlet macaws have also become a favorite species to spot with their incredibly colorful feathers and loud squawk.

As well as the wildlife and scenery camp life is also highly enjoyable.  The food has surprised us all with much more variety than the rice and beans we all believed would be our stable diet. We are really looking forward to the next week’s activities after our day and a half off spent on the beach and stocking up on supplies at the nearest town.

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