project review

A humbling experience

Review submitted by Vickie Hughson
Review date 25 Jul 2018


It was humbling to be a part of my host families day to day life during the month I spent on the edge of the beautiful Chitwan National Park in Nepal. The accommodation was simple but very homely and the family could not do enough to help me adjust to jungle living. I would wake early about 5am to wash in the well behind the house. My host mother did not speak much English but we got by and I found it all the more amusing when we both got the wrong message. I would have a sweet tea (which I REALLY MISS) and a biscuit before heading to the school to teach. Walking through the village was always a joy as I slowly picked up a trail of children and as I passed each house they would shout 'Good morning Miss Vickie' and follow me towards the school. A few hours of teaching and then back to the house for breakfast about 10am. The afternoon was spend lazing in the sun, reading and helping other volunteers on the construction site. We were building steps so that the villagers could easily access the temple. Lunch would be a snack: an apple and more sweet tea then back to the school for more teaching until 6pm. It would get dark quite early but the sunsets were so amazing I'd wish them earlier. Because the village would sometimes not get electricity my evening were spent by candlelight on the porch with the family and neighbours busily chatting and laughing. My Nepali was pretty bad so I would get the odd word right but a nod and a smile really goes a long way. Life in the village was very relaxed and although I was working I felt the change in pace in comparison with my usual day to day life was just what I needed. I had a fantastic and enriching experience which will stay dear to my heart. I often think of my host family and feel even in such a small amount of time I made a difference in the children's lives.


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