project review

Toasting Marshmallows in the Lava

Review submitted by Maria Campos Ingram
Review date 16 Jan 2017


Arriving in the middle of Mexico City was quite an experience, with its hussle and bussle and and heaving markets. After our very long plane journey I don't think we were prepared for the sheer intensity of this remarkable city! Luke was very welcoming and entertaining from the get go and Rachael and I hit it off the moment we met.

Through our travels we have visited San Cristobal (which is still a big favorite of mine) with its colourful streets and atmosphere. We made some mexican friends and hit some of their favourite bars which proved to be a hilarious night out! Palenque was our next stop with one of our newly acquired mexican friends, Paulina. We visited some Mayan ruins and slept in a jungle commune which as Luke said was like a trial run for the Costa Rica stay except without the beds, showers etc..!! We crossed the border to Guatemala and our first stop was Flores, a beautiful little town in the middle of a lake. We stayed in a very hippy hostel complete with tree houses and vegetarian only menu! Met some lovely people, had a boat tour,and battled through the local christmas festiveties which frequently broke our sleep! Next it was off to Tikal on a day trip. It was hard work but after many many steps we reached the top of a Mayan temple originally named Temple 4 and the view was definately worth it. I'd never seen anything so breathtaking. You literally felt as if you were on the edge of the world looking over the jungle and other Mayan temples. Our latest stop is Antigua, which is almost at a par with San Cristobal for me. It is in a beautiful setting with the backdrop of three volcanoes and the weather is blissful, sun with a soft breeze. Climbed a volcano yesterday and made some American friends who kindly gave us some marshmellows to toast in the lava, and lit the way when it got dark on the way back, whilst admiring the view of Guatemala city below us lighting up.

Through the trip the three of us have grown quite close, as well as making other friends along the way. I've very much enjoyed the food we have eaten, both from market stalls and local kitchens to more westernised restaurants and cafes all always accompanied with tortillas, including breakfast! I'm very much looking forward to our trip to Monte Rico tomorrow to see our first black sand beach and relax a bit!

To be continued..........

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